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Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth formed in Tumba, Sweden, in 1992 and over the course of the next three decades they have forged a unique body of work, rich in the magical imagery of Viking history and culture. Since their underground smash debut album, “Once Sent From The Golden Hall” (1998), the Swedes have been an unstoppable creative force. With an unmistakable and distinctive sound that combines the best elements of epic metal, the quintet has become renowned for their timeless anthems and explosive, almost theatrical, live performances.

With releases such as the great “Twilight Of The Thunder God” (2008) and the concept album “Jomsviking” (2016), Amon Amarth has grown into one of the most consistent forces in heavy metal, treating their hardcore fans an, almost, endless series of classics such as “The Way of Vikings”, “Guardians of Asgaard”, “Deceiver of Gods” and “First Kill”, among many others.

Furthermore, they are now regarded as one of the most vital and imposing live acts in metal, headlining the world’s top festivals. With one of the best albums of their career, the dark “The Great Heathen Army”, under their belt, Amon Amarth are coming to Release Athens 2023 for an impressive show of epic proportions that will remind their fans that they remain one of the greatest bands of death metal.

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