The company under the name «Release Festival P.C.»(hereinafter the “Company”), with registered offices in Moschato, Attica, 31 Thessalonikis & Artemidos Str., Postal Code 177 78 and Tax Identification Number 800851785 Moschato Tax Office, tel. 2109425932 organises events, festivals and concerts at various venues throughout Greece (hereinafter “Event” or “Events”). This document stipulates the terms governing the purchase of tickets for events by the Company. The purchase of tickets for the Events organised by the Company requires that you are fully aware of and in agreement with the Ticket Purchase terms as they are set forth in this document, published on the website in force.


These terms are binding and govern the terms of ticket purchase, your obligations and also your rights in relation to our Company. Should you have any questions, please contact us, prior to purchasing your ticket, via the following methods: Telephone: 210-3450817 (Monday – Friday, 10:30 – 17:30) Email: Post to: 31 Thessalonikis and Artemidos Str., Postal Code 1778 78, Moschato, Attica

It is clarified that ticket revenues are attributed exclusively to the Company, including tickets for Events, in the context of which the Company cooperates with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) for the realization of Release Athens X SNF Nostos on 20, 21 and 23 June 2023. SNF is not the organizer of the said Events. SNF is an international charitable organization that makes donations to non-profit organizations. The SNF does not accept donations from individuals, companies or other organizations.


1. Every ticket bought, constitutes permission to enter the Event venue and to attend the specific event selected. The purchase of the ticket as well and the terms of services we provide, are further subject to any additional specific terms on the Ticket.

2. To enter the Event venue you shall either have to bring your printed ticket or store it on you mobile phone (or tablet)ensuring that the ticket’s Barcode is visible so that it can be scanned by our Company’s competent personnel.

3. Should you wish to get your ticket printed at our Company’s ticket offices (where such option is available) you must have with you, for identification purposes, your police ID card or any other such document (e.g. passport, driver’s license).

4. The company is in no way liable in the event that your Ticket is in anyway stolen or used by a third party unknowingly to you. In the event that, for any reason, the Ticket is lost or duplicated it can only be used, exclusively, the first time it is scanned and validated at the entrance to the event/concert. This means that after the Ticket has been scanned or validated for the first time, it can no longer be used.

5. Your ticket has been issued to you personally and you do not have the right to resell it. It is also explicitly forbidden to make your ticket available as a prize or gift in any kind of competition or other promotion, without the Company’s express permission.

6. Anyone who presents a counterfeit ticket may be prosecuted. The first person presenting the ticket is considered to be the rightful owner; Any other person presenting the same ticket in any form (printout or electronic) or shall not be allowed entry

7. Admission for minors under five (5) years of age is free and, provided they are accompanied by their parents, they are not required to purchase a ticket. ATTENTION the above term is not applicable in the case of certain events, unsuitable for minors, where admission is prohibited by law.

8. Possession of the Ticket does not entitle the ticket holder to any additional, free services unless an announcement to that effect has been made. The consumption of food and beverages from the bar/canteen is optional.

9. Parts of the event may be recorded/filmed. Such filmed parts may be provided to third service providers in order to provide audiovisual processing and/or services of further commercial exploitation and/or promotion and advertising. Any members of the audience appearing therein, shall make no claim to the filming/recording company or the Organisers.



1.​Tickets can be purchased through the following methods:

(a)​Online purchase through the company “ Electronic Services SA” (hereinafter VIVA) which has been incorporated and operates pursuant to Greek Law, with registered offices in Marousi, Attica, 18-20 ArcaciaBusiness Centre, Amarousion – Chalandri, TIN 998988329, Athens Tax Office for Commercial Companies (FAE) and which operates as a provider of electronic services. ATTENTION All online Ticket purchases are made exclusively through, whether the process is performed directly on the website or through the special widget displayed on our Website but which refers users to the site for the performance and completion of the Ticket purchase process.

(b)​Purchase from a physical point of sales as they are described on the official website of each Event.

2. Your purchases through are governed by International and European law, which regulates matters related to e-commerce, as well as by the consumer protection law (Law 2251/1994 as currently in force), which regulates issues related to remote sales.

3. Regarding online purchasing through , our Company remains uninvolved throughout the entire process concerning the purchase, the supply of your personal information/data and the dispatch of your Tickets. The entire transaction is conducted in the secure environment of the company

4. Once in the environment you will be asked to enter the necessary details of your credit card or bank account. You must be legally entitled to use the said credit card or bank account.

5. The Company is in no way liable in the event you have used credit cards illegally or used inaccurate information during the transaction with

6. The Company is in no way liable for any monetary or other loss you may incur if, for any reason, you did not receive confirmation of your booking through the service.

7. Upon completion of the transaction you do not have the right to cancellation and refund, nor to change or resale the tickets. Moreover, there is no refund for Tickets that have been lost or destroyed.

8. In the event that the amount paid for a ticket is incorrect and irrespective of the reason for this (incorrect data entry or technical problem in software), the Company reserves the right to cancel the ticket and/or refund of the ticket in part or in whole.

9. The Company does not obtain, store or retain any credit card or other personal information belonging to you or any other third party except for the email address you use for purchasing the tickets. We shall use you email address so that you may benefit from updates regarding our Company news and events as well as special discounts or offers. In any case and in accordance with par. 3, Article 11 of Law 3471/2016, you have the right to object to the specific use of your email address either by sending a relevant request to the address, or by selecting the unsubscribe link included in every email message we send you.



If you do not receive a message confirming your booking – payment – purchase via after sending your details to complete your payment, or if you receive an error message or a service interruption occurs when sending your information, it is your responsibility to contact to find out whether or not your transaction was completed. The Company is in no way liable for any monetary or other loss you may incur if, for any reason, you did not receive confirmation of your booking through the service.

For such issues you may contact as follows:

Customer Service Department

+30 211 7700 000


Tickets that you have opted to purchase online are either sent by to the address you have provided or can be picked up from the available physical ticket outlets, subject to any other further specific terms that may apply per case.


ATTENTION!!: You do not have the right to withdraw from the purchase of the Ticket since, as per Article 31(b) of Law 2251/1994 services related to the supply of entertainment activities are explicitly exempt from the right to withdrawal if the contract provides for a specific date on which the activity is to be held (purchase of a Ticket for an Event taking place on a specific date). For the same exact reason (exception to the right of withdrawal), you are not entitled to cancellation, refund or change of tickets after the transaction is completed (because you changed your mind).


1. Should an Event/Concert/Festival be cancelled for reasons of force majeure, or artists’ inability to perform or for other reasons not at the fault of the Company in case the specific case will not be regulated in particular by a Government decision (Joint Ministerial Decision, law etc), then there will be an announcement (by the Company) on how part or the entire price of the Ticket (as per case) can be refunded. Except for the special regulations by Law or State – Government decisions (e.g. K.Y.A., etc)The precondition for the aforementioned refund is the definite inability of the cancelled artists to appear in our country within 180 days of their scheduled appearance. Should the artist appear within the aforementioned 180 day period, then the Ticket holder of the cancelled Event will be able to use their Ticket on the new Event date to be designated by the Company. In such a case the tickets are valid as they are and cannot be refunded.

2. In case of definite cancellation of the event through the Company’s fault, the full amount of the Ticket will be refunded.

3. Cancellation of an event is defined as the definite cancellation of a scheduled Event without the possibility of scheduling a new date.

4. ATTENTION Especially in the case of multi-day festivals involving more than one artist, each Ticket you purchase corresponds to admission to the Festival venue and Event attendance only on the day stated on the Ticket.

A Ticket for one day of multi day festival is independent of the performance and participation of a particular artist, whose performance may change, or be postponed, or replaced or cancelled if they are unable to perform for reasons unrelated to the producers.

Therefore any change in an artist’s Festival Day appearance or even the eventual cancellation of the appearance of any artist who was announced in the line-up of a specific Festival Day is not automatically a reason for cancellation of the Ticket or reduction of the Ticket Price, provided that it is not the fault of the Organizers

5. In the event of interruption and cancellation of the Event for reasons of force majeure, at least sixty (60) minutes after its commencement, it shall be deemed completed and shall not be repeated. In such a case the Company does not refund the price of the Ticket.

6.​The Company is under obligation to compensate you, other than the price of your ticket, for any other expense – cost – damage caused by the cancellation of the Event.



1. In the event of a partial or full refund of the price paid for the Ticket, for the reasons expressly provided here in you must provide us with the information requested, as per the Company’s relevant announcements, so that the necessary physical or electronic transaction (full refund, ticket reissue, etc.) may be complete by our Company. You shall have to provide us with the aforementioned information within the period announced by the Company so that we can refund the amounts in a timely manner. For as long as you fail to supply us with the required information, it is impossible for us to refund your money and therefore the Company is in no way responsible for any delay due to such a reason. The procedure needs to be follow because is unable to make refunds. In any case, and provided that the necessary conditions are fulfilled, it is solely and exclusively our Company that is required to proceed with the above refund.

2. Money is returned, subject to the terms and conditions hereof, within 180 days from the Event cancellation date

3. The personal data you provide us with pursuant to this term, are subject to our Company’s Privacy Policy which can be found at the link and meets the conditions stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.



We are constantly monitoring all developments regarding Covid19 and are constantly taking and complying with the necessary measures in accordance with the instructions and decisions of the public authorities. The health and safety of our customers, partners and employees always remains our priority.



1.​The Company reserves the right to refuse entry or even remove a Ticket holder from any Event organized by the former, for the following reasons:

The Ticket is in such bad condition that it cannot be scanned and validated.
There is any suspicion of forgery
The ticket holder is violent, offensive, or publicly instigates acts of violence, racism, sexism etc. More specifically the ticket holder who, before or upon admission, acts in a violent manner or whose appearance (attire, symbols, banners) is in violation of the law or infringes upon the rights of other individuals.
The ticket holder is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other toxic substances.
The ticket holder does not comply with instructions given by Company staff. Furthermore, the Company staff may remove or restrict ticket holders who are likely to cause harm to themselves or others.
The ticket holder is under the age of 17 and not accompanied by an adult.
The ticket holder demands to enter the Event venue with their pet(s), unless there has been an announcement to that effect for a specific event. Guide dogs accompanying disabled individuals are excluded.
The ticket holder brings their own food or beverages into the venue Anyone who refuses to replace their bottled water (glass or plastic) with a corresponding bottle provided by the Company, in order to further ensure the safety of the event.
The ticket holder has a backpack or other similar waist bag and is suspected of carrying dangerous objects that may affect the physical integrity of other attendees. Backpacks may only be allowed into the venue provided that their owner concedes to its contents being checked by competent staff.

2.​When certain Event includes concerts simultaneously held at Plateia Nerou venue and Great Lawn venue of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), the Company may not allow the entry to the Great Lawn venue if and for as long as such venue is full, to avoid dangerous overcrowding. Employees of the Company will allow entry to the venue with priority order.  This specific prohibition will apply only to the extent necessary, with the Company’s sole responsibility. Any other person co-operating with the Company in the context of the specific Event including SNF, bears no responsibility.

3. The ticket holder is personally liable for any damage or injury caused to third parties or himself/herself, under the influence of substances or due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

4.​Right of entry is unquestionable for all ticket holders irrespective of nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other social or personal status and condition.

5.​As a ticket holder you accept the possibility of physical security checks at the entrance or outside of the Event venue in order to prevent dangerous objects such as weapons, sharp objects, flares and other flammable materials (alcohol, acetone etc.) from entering the Event venue.

6.​It is strictly forbidden to in any way film or take pictures from the Event.

7.​Anyone entering the Event site is required to comply with the safety and hygiene rules against Covid19 as these rules are from time to time set by the competent public authorities.


The Company shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from the Event not being held or not being held in a timely manner. It is also not liable for any occurrence due to force majeure and in all cases where the Events are cancelled by the artists. In any case, the Company ensures ticket holders are informed on time regarding the cancellation of an Event. The Company is not responsible for any unavailability of the system, nor does it warrant the uninterrupted, accurate and error-free delivery of the service.


For the purpose of providing you with services, the Company processes your Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the Law. You can learn more about the processing purposes, you rights etc., at the following link (Personal Data Privacy Policy).


Disputes arising during the application and interpretation hereof, if not amicably resolved, shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens and shall be governed by Greek Law.


1. In the case of contradictory provisions, the terms on the Ticket shall prevail.

2. The invalidity of a term or conditions herein shall not affect the validity of terms and conditions in their entirety.