Anduze - Release Athens


Anduze was born in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, and lived in Los Angeles for several years before moving to Athens in 2016. Since 2012 he has formed a special musical bond with Marcus Fureder aka Parov Stelar. After their first collaborations on the songs “This Game” and “Josephine”, the duo worked together on the project Stelartronic & Anduze, before Anduze became a regular member of the band and is now one of the main vocalists of Fureder’s songs.

In 2021, Anduze released his solo album “Aura” on one of the most important electronic music labels in Europe, IRMA Records, and collaborated with well-known artists such as Gramatik, Jestofunk, LTJ Xperience, Satin Jackets, among others. Aside from his performances over the years with Parov Stelar in Athens, Greek audience might know his best as the voice of “High Hopes” (his collaboration with Man Called Shadow) and ‘Defibrillator’, which have become staples on local radio.

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