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Blind Guardian

Formed in Krefeld, Germany, in 1984 by Hansi Kürsch and André Olbrich, Blind Guardian have since evolved into one of the most innovative and influential bands in European metal.

With an impressive discography that peaked in the ’90s with an epic quartet of albums (“Tales From The Twilight World”, “Somewhere Far Beyond”, “Imaginations From The Other Side” and “Nightfall in Middle-Earth”), Blind Guardian left their mark on the metal scene thanks to their ability to create an imaginary world with majestic songwriting, a unique sense of melody and Kürsch’s distinctive vocals.

Their latest album, “The God Machine”, was released in 2022 and finds the group in top form, as it is yet another impressive work that treads firmly on the Germans’ glorious past, while at the same time brings their timeless sound into the present.

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