Soulfly - Release Athens


There is no doubt anymore that Max Cavalera is one of the most important figures in the scene of the last forty years. He defined numerous metal genres and he’s being a major influence for countless contemporary artists. Soulfly is the band he founded after leaving Sepultura in 1996, and up until now they have released twelve albums together. From their self-titled debut to last year’s “Totem”, they have managed to combine the groove of Brazilian tradition with extreme metal, while maintaining the raw and authentic atmosphere of a band writing songs in a basement.

Nearly 25 years since Soulfly began, great songs like “Jump da fuckup”, “Back To The Primitive”, “Downs troy”, “Eye For An Eye”, “Ritual” and “Dead Behind The Eyes”, along with several classics from Cavalera’s career, will vibrate Plateia Nerou on Tuesday, June 27.

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