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Baxter Dury

For the last twenty years, Baxter Dury has been making music with a sarcastic edge, writing stories about quirky and prodigal characters roaming London at night. Without a doubt he has discovered a very personal groove: startling basslines, disco vibes and lyrics that the mundane everyday life into something quite charming.

Son of the infamous Ian Dury, he managed to escape his father’s shadow and come to terms, once and for all, with his turbulent but formative teenage years. He started his career in 2002 with “Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift” and each subsequent step was better than the last, such as “Floor Show” (2005) with the wonderful single “Cocaine Man”. Success came in 2017 with the excellent “Prince of Tears” and songs such as the title track, “Listen” and, of course, the supreme “Miami”.

In 2020, he released “The Night Chancers”, which is admittedly his best album so far. Dury, having now gained a lot of confidence, sounds sexy, funny and sensitive, and without losing his personal “punk” style, he writes addictive and moody songs like the big highlight of the album “I’m Not Your Dog”.

During his career, he has collaborated with major names in contemporary music such as Fat White Family, Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods, Etienne de Crécy and of course Fred Again, on the dance anthem “Baxter (These Are My Friends)”, usually the closing number of his special live shows. On stage, Dury is an impressive and unpredictable performer, always having by his side a wonderful singer like Madeline Hart.

This June he’ll release his seventh album, “I Thought I Was Better Than You”, with influences from Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator (according to Dury himself) and another set of songs filled with the heart and soul of this special musician. “Those are probably my only qualities. Honesty, and a dose of melody.”

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