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Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson needs no introductions. Renowned around the world as one of the greatest and most distinctive heavy metal vocalists of all time, Bruce is best known as the lead singer of Iron Maiden, an iconic band not only for heavy metal but also for the entire rock’n’roll scene. 

A celebrated polymath, he has become globally known as an author, pilot, broadcaster, brewer, businessman, sportsman, spoken-word performer, screenwriter and internationally successful solo artist – and 2024 is set to be his year!

“The Mandrake Project”, his 7th solo album (early 2024), is the next step to a glorious career, while the much anticipated first single “Afterglow of Ragnarok” is coming out on the 1st of December!

Having sold over 100 million albums with Iron Maiden, Dickinson begun his own successful streak of solo albums in 1990 with “Tattooed Millionaire”. In 1994, he made history when he decided to perform in war-torn, occupied Bosnia. The subsequent documentary, Scream For Me Sarajevo, became an award winning movie (2018).

He continued, while fronting Iron Maiden, with highly praised albums like “Accident Of Birth” (1997) and “The Chemical Wedding” (1998). His last solo work was “Tyranny Of Souls”, in 2005.

Eighteen years later, he is collaborating once more with producer/guitarist Roy Z (who has also worked with Judas Priest and Halford) on the “The Mandrake Project”

Besides Roy, Bruce Dickinson assembled his band with Tonya O’Callaghan (bass), Dave Moreno (drums) and Italian keyboard player, Mistheria.

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