Jain - Release Athens


French pop singer Jain has earned acclaim for her vibrant multicultural style influenced by the many places she has called home. Growing up in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Congo, she soaked up the distinctive music traditions and cultures of these regions and integrated them into her diverse sound. As a teenager, she began combining Arabic and African rhythms with electronic music, creating a truly personal style.

Her distinctive sound, full of urban concerns and political awareness, helped her build a devoted fan base online. As a result, her debut album “Zanaka” (2016) went gold and sold over 1 million copies. Her sophomore LP “Souldier” (2018), took France (her she lives now) by storm, topping the charts and earning a place among the most successful albums of the year.

With the release of her third album “Fool” (2023), Jain is now recognised as one of the most original artists of our time, with a unique and bold sound that combines a dance-worthy vibe with the pop aesthetics of today. 

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