Jinjer - Release Athens


Hailing from Donetsk and based in Kiev, Ukraine’s Jinjer is one of the hottest and most successful bands in modern metal, with over 250 million streams and non-stop touring in every corner of the world. Since their inception in 2010, they have released, so far, four studio albums that have been hugely successful and praised by the music press as a whole.

Originating from a country with no particular tradition in heavy metal, they did things their own way from the beginning, often going beyond the conventional rules of the scene, with the voice and the presence of the excellent singer Tatiana Shmayluk as a reference point. Their attitude is clear in their much-discussed latest album, “Wallflowers” (2021). The album is not just a very carefully thought-out next step for the band as above all, it feels like the perfect soundtrack to the last few years and what we experienced during the pandemic period.

It is worth noting that Jinjer had originally taken the decision to stop their tour, due to the events in their home country. Having now received special permission from the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, they are continuing their performances, wanting to raise awareness so that the war will soon end. We welcome them with joy on this last day of Release Athens 2022, both because we share this hope with them and because they are one of the most up-and-coming and exciting heavy metal bands of our time

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