Kreator - Release Athens


Four decades after their inception, German metal legends Kreator find themselves in one of the most successful periods of their incomparable career. Remaining true to their values and disregarding the passing trends of the scene, they have managed to stay at the forefront of thrash metal and thanks to the vision and determination of their leader, Miland “Mille” Petrozza, they have continued to release albums that continue to leave a mark.

From their debut album, “Endless Pain” (1985), where they merged the sounds of thrash and death metal in ways that had never been heard before, to the seminal “Pleasure to Kill” (1986), which is considered a landmark album of the 80s, up to the crushing “Gods of Violence” (2017) and last year’s “Hate Über Alles”, Kreator have proven that they are one of the few bands that don’t rest on their laurels but continue with the same intensity and momentum.

Their achievements have, of course, not gone unnoticed by the local audience, with whom they have developed a specialrelationship, enjoying acclaim with every new record and every concert. On Wednesday, June 28, at Plateia, we will have the opportunity to see a legendary band at their biggest concert in Greece.

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