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The Prodigy

Liam Howlett, Prodigy’s mastermind, formed the group in 1990, heavily influenced by the -usually- illegal rave parties that swept every corner of the UK at the time. It was through these parties that he found his bandmates, the ravers Keith Flint and Leroy Thornhill, and shortly afterwards a fourth member, MC Maxim, was added to the group. With their first singles being the dance anthems “Charly” and “Everybody in the Place”, Prodigy managed to become the number one electronic music act in Europe before they even released their first album.

Their debut, “Experience”, was a milestone for dance music while the album that followed, the thrilling “Music for the Jilted Generation”, propelled the scene (as a whole) into the big concert arenas, by adding something similar to rock’n’roll’s swagger. Nearly thirty years after its release, it remains a landmark LP, an unsurpassed achievement that has never stopped, nor will it ever stop, influencing the next generations of producers and artists of the scene.

By the end of the 90s, Prodigy would release the amazing “The Fat of the Land” which took the group, without any exaggeration, to the top of the world. The album would reach number 1 in sixteen countries (including the UK and the USA), with over 10 million sales, and the group would now establish themselves as one of the top live acts on the planet.

Prodigy would go on to release four more albums, once again managing to top the UK charts (all four of them would reach number 1) but everything would change in March 2019 with the shock of Keith Flint’s passing.

It took three years for Howlett to announce, in March 2022, that the group would return to touring, celebrating 25 years since the release of “The Fat of the Land” and honoring the memory of its great frontman. Their ten sold out UK shows were lauded by audiences and critics alike, with the music press noting that “Prodigy are not only back, but they are here to reclaim their throne”.


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