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Rhapsody of Fire

Rhapsody of Fire formed in 1993 in Trieste and with their debut, the groundbreaking Legendary Tales”(1997), defined what symphonic power metal is, influenced by classical music orchestrations, movie soundtracks, as well as by bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian. The innovative result, together with the wonderful narration that accompanies their albums, created an irresistible fantasy world that not only metal fans fell in love with.

Their first four releases alone surpassed one million sales and Rhapsody of Fire soon became one the biggest European names in the metal scene, with a series of great records like (Symphony of Enchanted Lands”, “Dawn of Victory”, “Power of the Dragon flame” etc.) and unforgettable songs that soon became classics (“Flames of Revenge”, “Emerald Sword”, “Queen of the Dark Horizon”, “Reign of Terror” κτλ.).

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