Release Athens 2024 welcomes Pulp, on Thursday 20 June, at Plateia Nerou!

The legendary band from Sheffield, reunited this year for a series of live performances in the UK, is currently preparing for their big European tour, with Greece being one of their chosen destinations!

Led by the charismatic Jarvis Cocker, one of the best frontmen of the global music scene, Pulp composed the soundtrack of adolescence and adulthood for an entire generation, remaining relevant and influential to this day. “Common People”, “Disco 2000”, “Something Changed”, “Razzmatazz”, “Do You Remember The First Time?”, “Babies”, “Lipgloss”, “Sorted for E’s & Wizz”, “This Is Hardcore” are just a few of the masterful singles they gave us, adding a unique quality to what it is called pop music.

Let’s all meet up in the year 2024!

Part of the “big four” of the Britpop era (Oasis, Blur, Suede being the other three) Pulp never sounded like anything else.
Since their beginning in the late 70s, when Jarvis was just 15 years old, they have followed a path of their own. The first two albums – “It” (1983) and “Freaks” (1987) – didn’t successfully reach the audiences, luckily, the arrival of the 90s was to change everything.
With the band’s lineup becoming steady, one great album followed another. “Separations” (1992) immediately grabbed the attention of audiences and critics alike, with outstanding tracks such as “My Legendary Girlfriend”, “Death II”, “Countdown”.
In 1994, “His ‘n’ Hers”, was their game-changing masterpiece, including tracks that still remain untouched by time and preparing the world for the triumphant sequel.

The monumental “Different Class” (1995) skyrocketed Pulp into the stratosphere, stirring up the buzz around them. “Common People” remains the absolute Britpop anthem and one of the best pop singles of all time, the brightest peak in an album full of such. A timeless pop song of wit and bliss that will never cease to sound contemporary and meaningful.

“Different Class”, still tops every list related to the British scene of the 90s, unsurpassed both by the rest of their contemporaries and by themselves. The stunning “This Is Hardcore” (1998) and “We Love Life” (2001) round out the band’s discography to this day, faithfully embodying the creative and adventurous spirit of a band that has consistently aimed to evolve and push the boundaries of their music.Indie, glam-pop, alternative rock, art-rock, it’s hard to label Pulp. They had the rare gift of talking about everyday things that we all had experienced too (or would like to)!

Immersive, theatrical and at the same time entertaining, just like Jarvis Cocker! One of the best lyricists of his generation, witty, elegant, always in his velvet jacket, with his framed glasses and his unique dance moves.
Pulp disbanded in 2002, triumphantly reunited for concerts in 2011, and they are returning again this year! The rave reviews described their shows and stage presence as equivalent to their glory days. “A celebration, an emotionally nostalgic evening for the ages” , similar to the one we will experience on the evening of June 20th, at Plateia Nerou and Release Athens 2024!

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Presale starts on Friday, November 3rd, at 12:00, at 55€ and for a limited number of tickets.  Following the sellout of these initial tickets, the presale will continue at 60€. The next phases will be announced soon.

Also, limited VIP tickets are available, at the starting price of 150€. This category includes the following privileged benefits

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  • Open-bar
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  • Festival souvenir

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