Release Athens 2023: Photo-story Day 1

It was a great start for Release Athens 2023, with the first metal line-up being just as impressive as we had expected it to be!

Elysion were the opening act and they captivated the crowd who arrived early at Plateia Nerou to see them live. The Athenian band played a great set with songs from all three of their albums.

Insomnium took the stage next, with their melodic death metal and a big surprise as they invited Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ to join them for “White Christ”, the standout track from this year’s album “Anno 1696”.

In Flames followed, of course, on their long-awaited return to Greece after 23 years. The Swedes lifted the diehard fans into the air with a rich setlist full of classics like “Only for the weak”, “Cloud Connected”, “Take This Life” etc.

At 23:00, the leading band in symphonic metal today, Nightwish, took to the stage and delivered an impressive show in front of thousands of fans. We listened to all their great songs (“Nemo”, “Shoemaker”, “Ghost Love Score” etc.) and enjoyed the great Floor Jansen who swept the stage and reminded us why she is considered the queen of metal!